8 tips on getting a man to fall in love with you

Kate Phillips | 22. 3. 2020

Each of us longs for a loving relationship. Love is one of the basic human needs - right after the physiological (breathing, water and food intake, sleep, reproduction…) and “security” (health, stable employment, good family relationships…). But how to get it? Why not confuse love with a crush or a crush with mere physical attraction? And how to increase the likelihood that your chosen one will fall in love with you?

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How to be attractive for men?

Kate Phillips | 21. 3. 2020

Do you want a man to notice you? Do you want to be irresistible and charming? Then you have to follow several rules. Beauty is not everything, and often is not enough to get a dream man. You need something extra.

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Perfumes Chloé - elegance and delicate fragrance

Kate Phillips | 4. 3. 2020

Women's perfumes are an integral part of every woman. We use a different one for daily wear, a different one for official events or for an evening with a company. Choosing the right fragrance is absolutely essential for complementing the outfit and completing the impression of the woman.

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How to do the perfect spring detox?

Kate Phillips | 20. 2. 2020

We live in a hectic time full of stress and bustle. Therefore, we also need a functional body to cope without problems. Proper functioning of the body and health can be supported by regular detox. The body's detoxification helps cleanse the body of harmful substances that have accumulated in it. It gives the body enough energy and helps to overcome fatigue. Detox is done mainly in the spring months for several reasons.

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How to match ball dress, jewellery and makeup?

Kate Phillips | 28. 1. 2020

Hooray on the dance floor! Do you want to look amazing? Read a few tips to help you get it right this year!

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The perfume world organized: Types of fragrances

Kate Phillips | 23. 12. 2019

What fragrance to choose? Woody or floral? And how do different types of fragrances actually differ? Read in our article today. In addition, we bring tips for the best perfumes in each category.

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How to choose the right evening fragrance?

Kate Phillips | 12. 12. 2019

Strong fragrances? Why not! Whether you are going to a prom or a major evening event, you can pull it off. How to choose the right one??

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Saint Nicholas Day is almost here: tips for original presents for the little ones

Kate Phillips | 3. 12. 2019

Christmas is coming soon, but before that, there is a one bearded gentleman who gives small presents to children. You guess right, the talk is about Saint Nicholas. Sweets and small gifts are an ageless classic, but what about surprising your little kids with something truly original? Don't wait for Christmas!

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Best watch glass? The answer will surprise you

Kate Phillips | 25. 11. 2019

One of the important parameters of every watch is undoubtedly the glass or more precisely the material from which it is made. Is the best plastic, mineral or sapphire? What's the difference? We will answer these questions in the article.

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Hair care in winter - what products to use?

Kate Phillips | 22. 11. 2019

In winter our hair is very stressed. So for a beautiful hair, there needs to be a little more effort and care. Introducing the best products to help you keep your hair shiny and healthy even in the winter months.

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