Week of double discounts

Week of double discounts

Save twice as much with our special promotion 10% discount on watches that we already offer at special prices! You can double your joy with a watch from popular brands Gant, Hugo Boss, Cluse and Festina. Thanks to the variety of style and design, even the most demanding lover of quality watches will choose. The offer is limited in time, so do not hesitate and get a quality watch at extremely low prices.

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Discount code is valid until 25.2. for watches Hugo Boss, Gant, Cluse and Festina. Apply to watches on sale and clearance sale.

What brand to choose? We will advise!

Watches Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss watches are renowned for their perfect design and incredible reliability. It boasts elegant and often atypical dials that fine-tune the models almost to perfection.

That's why Hugo Boss has become a symbol of quality and prestige. Plus, these watches will last for years with proper care. Men's watches Hugo Boss have a very youthful and modern look. They are not primarily intended for sports purposes, but they are technically well equipped.  


Watches Gant

What to expect from the American brand Gant? Especially the combination of casual and informal fashion. Immediately after the first wear of the watch Gant, you will like the eccentricity of the American style and the conservativeness of the European. Fashion accessories are playfully simple, but they do not lose their originality, which you can find just in the elaborated details. With Gant watches, you can easily fine-tune your everyday outfit. No wonder these models are made for everyday, comfortable wear.   

In the case of women's watches, some colour combinations will surprise you a bit at first, but after you put them on you will admit that hesitating was meaningless. Men's watches Gant are quality, not extravagant yet original. Simply put, watches Gant are for everyone who is tuned to an informal note and likes to let their outfit speak for themselves.


Watches Cluse

The two basic pillars of the Cluse design are elegance and minimalism. Models are especially popular with ladies with a sense of detail and purity. With watches Cluse, you can't go wrong. The watch is mostly leather straps in uniform colours. The wrist watches Cluse will look right on your wrist wherever you go with it.


Watches Festina

One of the best-known watches manufacturers is the Festina brand. It has been on the market for over 100 years. Thanks to its long history and experience, Festina offers a wide range of watch types and models from which even the most demanding customer can choose. From sports models to classic to elegant ones. 

For men's watches, we see that designers were not afraid to experiment with design elements and colour combinations. Thorough processing impresses at a glance and lots of useful features will immediately attract you.

The most important thing that Festina fans praise is that they have an inimitable design. You simply won't find a similar watch with other brands. Festina offers both men's and women's watches. Elegance, style and luxury look. These are synonyms that perfectly reflect the feel of a Festina watch. Women's watch Festina combines elegance and functionality and that is why they are also popular with women who look not only for watches but also for fashion accessories.


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